Best calcium-rich foods for your Dogs - Food Guide

Just like humans, a healthy diet is very important for animals as well. And when it comes to emotional support animals great care should be taken as they are there for you. An emotional support animal helps its owner to come out of the mental health issue he/she is facing. People mostly own an ESA to give them emotional support which directly helps them in overcoming the mental health illnesses they are facing. Using an legitimate esa letter they keep and take it with them all the time. But it is not only that the ESA will provide support to its owner, rather it is the prime responsibility of the owner as well to take great care of his/her animal.

Several things come under the umbrella when we talk about taking care of your emotional support animal. These involve providing training to your emotional support animal to help him stay active and healthy, taking care of its feed routine, performing activities and playing games with him to help him grow healthier, protecting him from hazardous things, and taking care of his diet. But you can apply for an cheap esa letter to keep your animal with you.

Taking care of the diet of your Emotional Support Dog does not just mean providing your ESA dog with all sorts of food or providing them food on time, rather it is something more than that. Here the owner has to take care of the foodstuff or quality heshe is using. Nowadays, artificial foods have been introduced in the market.

Which appears to be made of original material but are made of artificial products and flavors. For example, recently a brand was introduced in the market, it was spread all over that this brand provides the best dry dog food. But it was found that the food of this brand was causing allergic reactions to dogs because it used artificial products. To get an esa letter for dog, you need to apply for it.

In addition to the food providing dogs with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are required by their body. You should know how to get an esa letter.

Best calcium-rich foods for your Dogs

Vitamins and minerals are as important for animals as they are for humans. A certain level of each type of vitamin is necessary to be taken daily. Where among all the types of vitamins calcium has the greatest importance and requirement in the body. Mentioned below are some of the types of foods for dogs that provide rich calcium:

1. Cheese is used when extra calcium is required in the diet of the dog. Cottage cheese is found favorable among many dogs. Further, cottage cheese is easily digested as well.

2. Chicken and fish are also rich sources of calcium. But if we compare both, dogs like chicken more. However, most of the dogs do not like the taste of raw fish but if you still want to give them make sure you cook it well so that its taste is not so prominent.

3. Fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach, beans, potatoes are rich calcium sources for dogs. However, dogs have different choices. Some of them like taking vegetables while others do not. Vegetables can be presented to your dog both in cooked form and in ras form as well.

4. Yogurt is another calcium-rich food for dogs. Dogs, especially puppies, love to eat yogurt.

5. Dogs love to eat bones, which contain rich calcium. But the correct way of giving calcium to dogs is to grind the bones and mix them up with any other food given to dogs. Eating solid bones can cause injury to the dog's mouth. Moreover, it can harm the internal system of the dog if the bone is not chewed properly.

Using vitamins and minerals is good but it should be taken keeping in mind the dog's condition and health issues, excess use can be harmful. Like dogs who are suffering from kidney diseases should be given low protein dog food to eat. A lower intake of protein is suggested by doctors in kidney diseases. Therefore, care should be taken.

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